Michael Slate Show, July 26, 2013: Prison Hunger Strike, Black Women and Breast Cancer, Abortion Rights Freedom Ride

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Prison Hunger Strike

Pelican Bay Prison

Pelican Bay Prison

As the California Prisoners’ Hunger Strike ends its third week, over 1000 prisoners continue to refuse food in a struggle to end long-term solitary confinement as well as other demands (read the five demands here).

Attorney Marilyn McMahon, executive director of California Prison Focus, talks about the prisoners’ struggle and the State of California’s retaliation, including barring Marilyn McMahon herself and another lawyer from visiting prisoners.

To find out more and get involved:

Stop Mass Incarceration Network

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

“California Prison Authorities Attack Hunger Strikers: Broad Support Urgently Needed for Heroic Prisoners!” in Revolution.

Statement from Eugene Jarecki (filmaker/activist) on the Prison Hunger Strike. Read it here.

Why breast cancer is more likely to kill Black women

Dr. Jeffrey H. Silber, Director, Center for Outcomes Research, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, is the lead author of a study on the higher mortality rates of Black women with breast cancer — and the causes.

The Abortion Rights Freedom Ride is on the road!


July 23, the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride was launched from both coasts. This is the beginning of an uncompromising counter-offensive to the war on women. Caravans are now traveling from New York and San Francisco, rallying and gathering support along the way, arriving in North Dakota before August 1 when new laws are set to shut down the last abortion clinic in the state.

Sunsara Taylor, writer for Revolution and an initiator of StopPatriarchy.org, joins us with Riley, another of the volunteers, to talk about their experiences and their goals.

This will be a regular feature on the Michael Slate Show for the duration of the Freedom Ride.

Follow the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride on Facebook and Twitter.

NEWS:  Gregory Koger, who was on the Michael Slate Show last week, was sent to jail July 23, to serve the remainder of a 300-day prison sentence.  Statement from Stop the Vindictive Political Persecution of Gregory Koger:

From This afternoon Gregory Koger was sent back to Cook County Jail to serve the remainder of his 300 day sentence (around 3 months) for peacefully videotaping a statement against censorship at a public meeting of the “Ethical” Humanist Society of Chicago (EHSC) on Sunday, November 1, 2009. Over 50 supporters, including fellow ex-prisoners, human rights activists, a priest, musician, scientist, retired business people, and a doctor, filled the courtroom in suburban Skokie. Expressing their outrage at the vindictive hearing and sentencing, over two dozen supporters went straight to the main Cook County jail several miles away to demonstrate their support for Mr. Koger and the California hunger strike. – See more at: http://dropthecharges.net/#sthash.XC2n1xek.dpuf

See also the petition at Change.org.

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